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Vacuum Excavator Hire

400L Range

Our Vacuum Excavator from No Dig is available for hire. The VM400 No Dig Vacuum Excavator comes with a 400L Spoils Tank, 200L Water Tank, 23.5HP Kohler Petrol Engine, 550CFM Blower & 2500PSI High Pressure Water System.

The Vacuum Excavator comes on a trailer as pictured and is perfect for:

  • Cleaning Telstra Pits

  • Underground Service Locating

  • Clean up of Construction Sites

  • Install Fence Posts

  • Live Gas Pipe Maintenance

  • Live Sewer Pipe Maintenance

  • Installing NBN optical fibre through asbestos pipe


... and much more!

We can deliver our vacuum excavators to anywhere in Perth and organise transport to other regions within Western Australia to ensure your excavation projects can continue without the hassle of picking up and returning the No Dig unit.


Vacuum Excavator Hire with Evale Group

Sometimes you need a highly specialised piece of machinery to do a job, and luckily, we have it. At Evale Group, our specialty is assembling a fleet of plants and machinery meant to support all your excavation and construction projects. Our equipment is fully reliable, which is why we have become a regularly featured industry partner on construction sites with our vacuum excavator hire in Perth and its surrounds.

Vac Unit2.jpg

The Importance of our Vacuum Excavator Hire

When undertaking a hefty construction or excavation project, it is fundamental that you prepare sufficiently. If you fail to gather the right tools for the job, you might become stuck between a rock and a hard place with no way of getting out. We believe our rental services are essential because:

  • We supply you with the means to complete challenging projects successfully. When you want to complete a project but have to deal with specific deadlines or financial constraints, our equipment might be your saving grace.

  • Our company sees safety as an asset. Our equipment goes through rigorous safety testing and maintenance so that you only use the best machinery available. By maintaining a high level of performance, we know that our machines are up for any challenge.

  • We can see to the logistics in-house. Because we can deliver our machines to your site, you do not have to worry about transportation or a deal with a logistical nightmare. Operating plant and machinery is enough of a challenge, so we do what we can to make your job easier.

What you can Expect from Evale Group Regarding Vacuum Excavator Hire

Our machinery has several essential uses that overlap in a variety of industries. It means that our equipment is highly sought-after and often plays a central role in construction and maintenance projects. Available to companies and tradespeople alike, we support not only you but also your business. Our vacuuming excavation machinery helps with:

  • Cleaning and flushing Telstra pits. A common feature of most homes, these pits serve as an entryway into the cabling and fibre for your home or business. If you ignore these pits for an extended time, debris and pests can become a massive problem for you and your service provider.

  • Cleaning of construction or excavation sites. Using the high-pressure water system, you can easily discard construction debris and excess materials from your site. It helps to save time and labour.

  • Live sewer and gas pipe maintenance. When working in an underground space, it can become challenging to use equipment or complete the job at hand. With our machinery, you limit your exposure to these nasty areas and thereby ensure your safety.

IMG_0298 (1).jpg

Why Trust Us Regarding Vacuum Excavator Hire

We operate as a proud, family-run business that seeks to promote affordable and reliable service & delivery. Our plants and machinery are a favourite due to their efficiency and safety, so you will not have any problems working with our equipment.

When you need a comprehensive business partner, contact us for unbeatable support.

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