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Excavator Hire

5.5T Range

Powered by a reliable Kubota 47.6HP engine, the Kubota U55-4 features a compact and well balanced design, combining exceptional power and the versatility to tackle any job and working condition with ease.

The U55-4 delivers an impressive bucket digging force of 4,315kgf. It's powerful and well-balanced arm and bucket allow the operator to dig faster and more efficiently even in the toughest conditions.

Kubota has made routine maintenance extremely simple by consolidating primary engine components onto one side for easier access. Engine and other vital components can be inspected quickly and easily.

All of our our Diggers come with 3 buckets.

We can deliver our excavators to anywhere in Perth and organise transport to other regions within Western Australia to ensure your excavation projects can continue without the hassle of picking up and returning the digger.

5 Tonne Excavator Hire Perth Kubota U55-4

Speed Up Your Next Project with Our 5.5 Tonne Digger Hire in Perth

Our options for the  5.5 tonne digger cover every angle you need to help you complete your next project more efficiently.  If you're looking to hire an excavator, be sure to make Evale Group your first option for reliable and great quality machines.

Kubota U55-4 Excavator 5.jpg

The Benefits of Our Services for 5.5T Excavator Hire

One of the first things you’ll undoubtedly ask yourself is, ‘how do I know which team to choose when I need an excavator?’. Luckily, we believe we always deliver value to our clients and make it readily apparent why choosing us is a desirable choice. Consider the following benefits we always provide:

  • We can deliver our excavators anywhere in Perth. We also have reliable transport options if you need our excavators anywhere else in Western Australia. We believe that with the reach of our deliveries, we make our services more accessible and much simpler to call on. Naturally, we also collect the digger once you’ve finished using it.

  • We have a decent selection of diggers for you to consider. At Evale Group, we understand that every project has unique requirements. We try to accommodate as many angles as possible with our different options so that our client always has a team to rely on when they need a digger.

  • Our team is ready to give you all the advice you need when you’re uncertain about your options. You might not know precisely which digger would be the best option for your given project, and we can certainly assist. We want our customers to come to us with questions if they have any.

Remember that the right team can help you solve the right problems with your project. The last thing you want is to struggle with issues that can come with using inexperienced teams or unreliable equipment.

Tips to Help You Get More Value from Our 5.5 Tonne Digger Hire

If you’ve decided on one of our options for a 5.5 tonne excavator hire, you should know that we want you to achieve maximum value when using it. Here are some ways through which you can boost the amount of value you get from our services:

  • Make sure you’ll have enough room for the digger. While excavators are the ideal choice, they still have a size limit. Ensure the environment you want to work in can accommodate the digger’s size, turning angles, and arm length. If you need a different size, browse our range of mini excavators.

  • Consider our attachments if you know you’ll need the excavator for something other than digging. We have options for limestone block lifters, post hole augers, trenchers, and rake buckets. If you want to know more about any of these attachments, don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Always use trained personnel to operate the excavators. The best way to avoid sloppy results, unwanted damage, or unexpected situations with excavators is to use trained excavator operators.

Kubota U55-4 Excavator Hire 9.jpg

About Us and Our Services for 5.5t Digger Hire in Perth

As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of connecting with our customers and to build lasting relations with them. We want you always to have a team you can turn to when you need a digger for your project. We have ample experience in the industry and can quickly answer any of your questions. The next time you need the right excavator for the job, remember the name Evale Group. Call us today and let our team assist you with choosing the digger for your project.

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