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Mini Loader Hire

1 Metre Range

Mini Loaders / Dingoes are the perfect choice where a job has limited access. Although much smaller than most mobile plant, don't let the size fool you - they are powerful machines capable of performing a wide range of tasks.


Compatible with augers, trenchers, rock breakers and many other common attachments, they can be replace most of the larger plant. We dry hire our mini loaders across Perth and Western Australia  and typically see them being used in small earthmoving, trenching, landscaping and demolition projects.

We are currently running both the tracked model SM325-24T and the wheeled model SM325-24W of the Wacker Neuson Dingoes.


Evale Group: Top Resource for Dingo Hire in Perth

When it’s too much work to do manually, but a bobcat or traditional mini-excavator is simply too big, you may want to consider a dingo. Imagine the man-hours and labour costs you can save on a small job or when working in tight quarters with a machine like a dingo, which features all the functionality of a bobcat, but at a much smaller scale.

Whether you are taking on a residential construction, landscaping, or excavation project, a dingo is a highly versatile piece of machinery guaranteed to save you time and money, helping you get the job done faster and more efficiently.


The Benefits of Dingo Hire

Whether working in the backyard or in rough and treacherous terrain, a dingo is an ideal machine for any job. The dingo is easily underestimated due to its compact size, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the strength and durability of these machines. They punch well above their weight on site, proving essential for the effective and efficient operation of many a building and construction and earthworks site.

  • Do it all with one machine. A wide range of available attachments means the dingo is ideally suited to augering, earthmoving, clearing, tilling, trenching, levelling, demolishing, and hauling.

  • If you are working in tight quarters with very little manoeuvring room and rough terrain to boot, the dingo’s walk-behind operation is ideal, as you can get into every tight corner, and you never have to feel a single bump in the road.

  • Don’t let its size fool you. The dingo has a lifting capacity of up to 375kg and a rated power of 21Hp, which makes it as tough as it is versatile. Whatever the job, you can’t go wrong with a dingo hire to make short work of big jobs.

What You Can Expect from Evale Group Regarding Dingo Hire

We offer a wide range of professional equipment and machinery for hire, either with a qualified and experienced operator or without. From an excavator to a kanga hire in Perth, we’re the people to call for the best service at affordable, cost-effective prices.

  • We keep our machinery and equipment in excellent condition. Every machine is thoroughly checked after each use. We ensure that all maintenance services and repairs are done to the highest standard, ensuring peace of mind for our customers that they have the best equipment working on their sites.

  • Whatever the size and scope of your project, we have all the machinery you will require. From large excavators to compact mini excavators, kangas, and dingoes, tipper trucks and trailers, vacuum excavators, scissor lifts, generators, and much more. We are your one-stop machinery hire shop.

  • Our team consists of seasoned industry professionals with wide-ranging knowledge on the working and applications of all the equipment and machinery that we hire. We offer friendly and efficient service of the highest standard. We are always ready with sound and practical advice should you require help.

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