22kva Generator  Hire Perth

22kva Generator Hire

Evale Group has you covered for all of your generator  hire needs in Perth.

Power is a necessity. You don't want to be worrying about where it's going to come from and how long it's going to last. You need a generator that's not only reliable but also safe and inexpensive to run and maintain. Our 22kVA Diesel Generator ticks every box. Reliable? Our low RPM engine is long-lasting and stable. Safe? A watchdog controller and a whole suite of fail-safes will protect you and your business.



$150 + GST Per Day

Features include:
22kva 415 Volt
Water Cooled
Silenced 65dB at 7 Metres
2 x 15amp 240 Volt Outlets
1 x 20amp 415 Volt Outlet
1 x 32amp 415 Volt Outlet
Australian Compliant with RCD's
Easy Connect ATS plug
Battery Isolator
Emergency Stop
95L Diesel Tank
21 Hours Continuous


Top-Notch Generator Hire Services in Perth

Assisting businesses and individuals alike, Evale Group has become a vitally important asset to our clients. We can make your project run smoothly with an abundant range of services, such as our generator for hire in Perth, we have been able to form part of many projects and solutions successfully. Although we mainly supply our customers with the equipment they need, we still make sure to lend a hand where we can.


What Sets Evale Group Apart Regarding Generator Hire

We attempt to cater to all your plant and machinery rental needs by offering one of the largest and most inclusive varieties. It allows you to choose the perfect fit for your projects without having to make alterations to your site, hire unsuitable machinery or spend ridiculous amounts of capital. Our company does things differently by:

  • Fostering communication with our clients. We attempt to be as open and approachable as possible and do this by maintaining contact with everyone we work with. A project hardly ever runs smoothly, but we do our best to prevent confusion and stagnation.

  • Giving honest and helpful advice. When we provide our services, we don’t only supply the plants and machinery, but also technicians if you need them. With invaluable experience and knowledge about mechanical equipment, we can help promote site safety and efficiency.

  • Providing a variety of machinery. Our clients should be able to use what they can afford, what they require, and most importantly, what they deserve. We offer a range of reliable brands of different sizes and capacities.

Benefits of Using our Generator Hire Services

When thinking about hiring plant or machinery, you most likely start by weighing up the pros and cons. Our mission is only to provide beneficial support and assistance when helping our clients. Our services are exceptional because:

  • You do not have to commit to buying expensive machinery. If you use rental plants and machinery, there is no need to spend large amounts of money purchasing a brand-new piece of equipment.

  • We give you an alternative means of power generation. When things do not go to plan and you have an electrical emergency, you can rest easy knowing that your project will not grind to a halt. It makes you invulnerable to power outages or faults in the electricity grid.

  • Our machinery limits your liabilities. Because machinery can experience damage or breakdowns, it is more beneficial when you do not own it. We decrease your liabilities by being in charge of repairs and maintenance.


About the Evale Group

Serving landscapers, construction projects, and digging expeditions, we can do it all. Our company focuses on availability and accessibility above all else, and that is why we make our plants and machinery so cost-effective. We believe in customer satisfaction and are only happy when our clients can safely and successfully do their jobs.

The next time you want to upgrade your machinery arsenal, or just prepare for an emergency with our generator hire, contact us for the most affordable services.