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Haulotte Optimum



One of the greatest benefits to the Haulotte Optimum 8 is the ability to simply recharge it after use. Meaning no wasted money on fuel costs. This scissor lift is extremely compact and very narrow at only 0.79 metres wide, allowing you to access to extremely tight spaces. Its size and stability give great manoeuvrability about a range of environments. It has smooth, proportional movements and a sharp turning radius. 2 extendable platforms mean you can reach the unreachable. Safety won’t be a concern with an array of lights to let everyone around you know where you are.


Power: Electric

Lift Capacity: 230kg

Drive Speed: 0.5 - 4.5km/h

Lift Speed: 20sec

Lower Speed: 29sec

Turning Radius: 1.5deg


Working Height: 7.77m

Platform Height: 5.77m

Driveable up to: 5.77m

Height (stowed): 1.98m

Overall Width: 0.79m

Platform Width: 0.74m

Overall Length: 1.9m

Platform Length: 1.72m

Platform Length  (extended): 2.59m

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