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Isuzu NLR Series



Need to transport and dump materials? Our tipper truck is perfect for the job. Easy to drive, automatic and doesn’t require a truck license - the tipper can be used by anyone holding a standard vehicle license. Featuring an all-steel body with drop sides, auto release two-way tailgate, auto release body lockdown hook and non-slip side steps, the 45-150 is very secure and easy on the driver. A simple lever inside the cab controls the tipping motion – able to carry and tip up to 2.5T of material. Evale Group provides its customer with the Isuzu, knowing they’ll be looked after with the reliability of Isuzu manufacturing.


Engine Model: ISUZU 4JJ1-TCS

Fuel Type: Diesel

Fuel Tank Capacity: 75L

Raise/Lower Tray Time: 20s

Payload Capacity: 2.5T

Tray Bed Volume: 2.0 Cubic Metres


Total Width: 1970mm

Width Inside Tray: 1780mm

Total Height: 2140mm

Height Inside Tray: 370mm

Total Length: 4900mm

Length Inside Tray: 3050mm

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