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Discover the performance of the ultra-compact 1050 RT track loader. Equipped with IdealTrax, this machine allows you to work effectively on all types of soils including; rough terrain, muddy and uneven ground. Take advantage of its compactness and its power to achieve all of your operations: excavation under the ground level, leveling, excavation, loading / unloading, transportation of materials, positioning loads at height .... Add more versatility with the ability to change out attachments within minutes and get a solution for all your business projects


Engine Model: YANMAR 3TNV88-CKMS

Engine Power: 25.5kW @ 2800rpm

Fuel Type: Diesel

Tipping Capacity: 1361kg

Max. Drive Speed: 10.1km/h


Width: 1372cm (with bucket)

Height: 1816mm

Length: 2985mm (with bucket)

Weight: 1928kg

Fully Raised Height: 3650mm

Dump Height: 2134mm

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